9-11 New York Police Badge Commemorative Lapel Pin

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This 9-11 Commemorative New York Police Badge pin is crafted from pewter metal and features a patriotic American flag in red, white, and blue. The shield badge is a replica of authentic New York Police badges, with the date 9-11 as the badge number. The shield is die-struck in a drop hammer to make the impressions, and the numbers are soldered in place. This September 11, 2001 commemorative “New York Police” pin gives tribute to the brave and strong police first responders to the scene that day. 

Showcase this 9-11 New York Police honoring pin on coat lapel, bag, lanyard, or other place to share awareness with others or even give as a special gift to someone. Check out all other pins in our 9/11 commemorative collection. Each pin is made in the USA and comes with a secure military style butterfly clutch back. Pin size is 1 inch.

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